ScubaEye Pressure Chamber Review

After a few months of use of the pressure test chamber purchased from ScubaEye, I make the following observations:
The unit is extremely well built using quality materials.
The welds are perfect and the containment volume is highly polished.
The top acrylic window is very thick to handle the pressure and has a large viewing aperture. The unit is very light weight (relatively speaking) compared to units with similar specifications. The unit can be easily moved by one person.
The volume is large with no obstructions making it perfect for testing torches, computers and camera housings.
All the fittings, hoses and gages are top quality.
The supplied pump is well made and works extremely well. Cons: My only complaints are quite trivial but should be brought to light.
The large bolts used to hold down the top lid/window did not come with flat washers.
This was only a small expense ($5) to get them but the unit should ship with washers because the constant opening and closing of the vessel will eventually gall the surface without them.
The pressure gage is mounted directly next to the lid/window. Its position interferes a bit with one of the bolts used to tight the lid. Again this is a small issue and is easily fixed by simply replacing the tube fitting to get it further away from the edge.

Overall this is an exceptionally well made piece of hardware. Very reliable and easy to use. I have used chambers from several manufacturers over the years and this unit is second to none. I highly recommend ScubaEye if you’re in the market for a pressure test chamber.

Lynn Miner
25 April 2016
LM Engineering