Scuba-eye was founded in 1992 by a young lover of underwater equipment, who wanted only to pursue his own interest and his respect of the value of safety before all. He did not found the company in search of profit. In the hope of benefiting even more users, he designed products even more humane products encompassing new ideas, a new generation of design. We solely design, develop, and build our products with the strictest demand for quality, and insist on perfection in the engineering of our products. We pay attention to each detail, and we maintain our complete focus on the safety of the whole no matter how small any single part might be. You could call us a detail-obsessed company. We don’t spend money on advertising and do not participate in trade shows. This is because we prefer to lower the prices we offer our users. In 2005, we were the first globally to launch a small size dive light with an on/off pushbutton. This product was received enthusiastically by major scuba equipment brands and expanded the users enjoyment of their outdoor activities vastly – the new dive light was imitated by competing brands. Our sole belief is in high quality and low price. We hope to make scuba diving an even more enjoyable activity, so we do not just develop new products, we are creating another level of safe diving.

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Specialized assembly tools and quality
At Scuba-eye we require that the assembly of each product must be done by specialized tooling. We include in this even the smallest screw and contact. We use specialized and correct tools for each item. Each screw is fastened using the proper torque, so the maximum life span of the product is guaranteed, and the reliability of the product is increased . As this is fundamental to us, we used specialized tooling and equipment to assemble each of our products.

Product OEM, ODM and product customization
1. Better quality
2. More innovation
3. More competitive price.
4. Faster delivery times.

We manufacture our products ourselves, so we demand higher quality. No matter how small your required order volume is, we will not outsource the production of our products. Apart from our stringent quality demands, we emphasize the affordability and environmental impact of our products in order to get even more users of our products. Even at short production rums, we are able to customize the product for you.Our abilities in this regard range from printing your preferred image or your company logo onto the product you ordered and to changing the LED, the reflector, the color or the type of the product.